Monday, March 28, 2005

San Francisco Airport Lights

It's been a crazy few weeks and I've not been able to post as much as I would like. In my head, I've got grand ideas and little time to act on them. But I'm still trying to get images created and then posted.

Editing in the digital world is much more difficult for me than it was in the analog world. Film on light table looked good to me or it didn't. I very rarely had images that fell into a middle area. In the digital world I find it much more difficult for me to decide on an image. On the LCD of the camera everything looks good to some degree. It's really difficult to see if the image is sharp or not. Its a little more difficult to tell about the composition. Unwanted distractions are more difficult to see. I don't edit out in the field unless I know I've really blown an exposure.

Once on the computer it becomes a little easier to edit but it's still not as easy as it was on the light table. Chromes on a light table will be correctly exposed or you toss them. With a RAW image you can adjust the exposure, the white balance and apply a curve that may make it more of a compelling image.

Having said all that here is an image from a recent trip to San Francisco. I was stuck in the airport (again) waiting for my delayed flight and pulled out the camera while in the Red Carpet Club. If I was in the terminal I would be a little more reluctant to pull it out. You never know when an over zealous security person will apprehend you for a security breech.

I was experimenting with the lights from the halogen bulbs over the bar. In my minds eye they made a compelling image but I just couldn't get them to work in the frame. I turned around for a moment to check something out and the reflection in the window looked equally as compelling. Several of the straight shots look OK but the intentionally blurred images looked better to me. So here is an image from that night.

Experiment and take a chance. You never know what will happen.


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