Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Spring Break Road Trip

In an effort to catch up I'm posting a couple of images from the spring break RV road trip.

Our plan was to rent an RV and travel to Kentucky during spring break with stops at Bryce Canyon and Denver along the way. What I didn't think about, and I should have, was the weather along the planned route. My lack of planning became apparent as we approached Bryce Canyon. We ran into the first snowstorm of the day and it quickly became apparent that our trip was not going to workout as planned.

We continued past Bryce Canyon because the RV wasn't the best vehicle to navigate winding, snow covered roads up the 2000 feet to the entrance of the park. Continuing on, we began to make alternate plans and decided to see if we could make Arches National Park and stay there for the night. Unfortunately the snow was falling there as well. I started to wonder if I had bit off more than I could chew. Five thousand miles in an RV in 8 days was probably not the best choice.

By Grand Junction I knew I had miscalculated the trip. We covered roughly 800 miles in about 15 hours of drive time. We ate at a nice little restaurant in Grand Junction and headed to our first RV Park for the night. That proved uneventful and it was nice to not have to unload and enter a hotel for the night.

The next morning we took off and decided to stop in Vail. We stopped at a few sites along the way to enjoy the scenery and to allow Jordan to see something besides the interstate from the RV. The trip that was designed to see the country was proving to be just the opposite.

By the time we got Vail it was snowing once again. It didn't appear to be a significant storm but had I checked the weather I would have seen that Denver was experiencing a significant snowstorm with high winds and blowing snow. By the time we reached the first pass on I-70 there was about 6 inches of snow and the roads were covered in slush. The RV, surprisingly enough, motored right through the stuff and we slowly made progress. By the time we reached the Eisenhower Tunnel we knew that getting out of Colorado was going to be an issue. The snow continued unabated and as we approached Denver the storm steadily worsened.

By the time we reached Denver, both I-70 and I-25 were shut down. Blowing snow and high winds between Denver and the Kansas border would keep I-70 closed until the following evening. The only thing left to do was to find a hotel and wait it out. These photos are of the Jordan and Soli enjoying the snow as we waited for conditions on the roadways to improve.

Needless to say the trip to Kentucky was shortened. We ended up heading south through Colorado seeing country I've never seen. The RV worked out wonderfully but the next trip to Kentucky will be taken by plane. Sorry Soli.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Around The Lake II

This is another image from the day at the lake in January. See how far behind I am. That day was pretty fruitful in producing a few images that are favorites and this is one of them. Since I don't get to shoot portraits as much as I would like I need to shoot other stuff that promotes creativity and gets me actively looking for images.

We are often motivated by external forces and the following link is one of them. I check out a site that may be the way we get our news, or at least photojournalistic type news, in the future. The site, "The Digital Journalist", provides an outlet for images and writings that very likely will never see the mainstream press pick them up. Photojournalism is the passion I never fully pursued. There are a variety of reasons for this and I won't go into them here. But I check out these types of sites on a regular basis and they help feed my passion for photography. Check out the remembrances to a woman who was admired by a great many people at Remembering Jocelyne. You may enjoy it and it will certainly make you think about those close to you.

Explore. Dream. Take pictures.