Wednesday, June 29, 2005

San Francisco Bar

San Francisco Bar
Originally uploaded by Larry D. Hayden.
The last few posts have been photographs more personal in nature and has turned this blog from a photography blog into a travel log. I guess that isn’t all bad and it’s a chance to show off the family and introduce them to the internet world. I’m not sure many people are actually reading this and how many would actually care, but it’s fun and I continue to do it as I have time.

This weekend is a long weekend for us. We have a Friday and Monday off for the 4th celebration and I’m planning at least one photographic excursion. I’m heading out to the Salton Sea this weekend to see it. This trip is inspired by Mark Tucker and his recent road trip to the area. Mark is a wonderful photographer from Nashville and a visit to his website would be a nice way to spend a few moments. Check it out and surf a site worth visiting amidst all of the visual clutter existing on the web.

This image is from a trip to San Francisco earlier this spring. It was a business trip and in keeping with my goal I carried my camera. I even carried it to dinner with coworkers. I’ve always liked the colors in the bar areas. The bottles, and especially the backlighting, add a graphic effect. The blurred bartender was an unexpected surprise. These are still possible with digital. You just don’t wait as long to see them.

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