Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Buddha Statue

While in San Francisco we had to stop in Chinatown. It was 10 blocks from the hotel, on the cable car route, which for Jordan meant a ride no matter how long the wait. I think her favorite thing about the trip was the cable cars and the ability to ride standing on the side step while holding onto the railing. I have to admit; it was fun.

Jordan loves trinkets and I doubt there is a better place in the world to find a trinket than in Chinatown. It’s a virtual plethora of the colorful, useless and endlessly annoying items that seem to draw children and adults alike to lay down good money for the souvenirs. Whatever the draw they are a necessary accompaniment to any vacation trip. In time, long after the trip and while cleaning a long forgotten shoebox, the trinket will bring back a memory of youthful exuberance, a family bond and a yearning for a simpler time.

That’s what this image does for me. This statue of Buddha reminded me of the small statues my father brought back from Thailand when I was a kid. It reminded me of the wonder I had about the far away places he had been and seen. It reminded me of the times when my family was the closest and the times when I viewed my father as the hero, the man I wanted to be and the person I least wanted to disappoint. I wonder whatever happened to those old statues he brought home from that far away place?

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