Friday, August 05, 2005

Pop's Shop

I’m a little behind in getting images up although these have been on flicker for the last month or so.

These are images from my Pop’s shop I made while I was at home in June. He’s been retired now for several years and travels throughout the Midwest attending quilting shows selling his work. I think he has fun doing it and it’s nice to see him doing something fun considering how hard he worked all those years.

I actually used a tripod on these shots instead of going with my usual handheld shots. I wanted to document the shop as it stands today. I’m not sure if I really captured what I had envisioned when I went out to make the images, but I enjoyed doing it and that’s part of the process. Enjoy it and eventually something will come along that you are happy with.

I did learn one thing shooting in the shop; I get my organizational skills honestly.

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