Monday, September 12, 2005

Continuing On

I’ve struggled over the last few weeks with the content and publishing of this blog. I’ve tried several avenues to generate more traffic all to no avail. I started wondering if it was worth it if no one saw it or the images.

I know I want my work seen and the more I shoot the more convinced I am of that statement. I seem to produce more when it’s seen and I certainly want to shoot more when I show my work. But I wonder if that defeats the purpose of this blog and my original intentions.

I originally started this in order to encourage myself to shoot more. I wanted to play more with images and explore light and shapes. At the beginning of the year I did that and actually came up with some images and a direction that I was generally pleased with.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending time getting my photos organized. I’m a sucker for software, cool gadgetry and technology in general. But, contrary to what technology inventors and producers would have you to believe, it makes life infinity more difficult. My library of images with the digital camera has grown rather large. And just like the days when I shot chrome, I keep almost everything. I get rid of the obvious duds, the completely out of focus stuff but keep just about everything else. In the digital age who knows when it might be useful.

I’m finally using some of the technology I’ve gathered over the last year or so. I’m using Portfolio 7 to organize my images. For anyone who knows me well organization is not my strong suit. But it has helped me find the images I have taken over the last year or so and to find more content for this site. It’s also let me see where my mind was and where it might go in producing images that appeal to me. I tend to wonder, shift and change with apparent changes in the direction of the wind or the tides. At least that is how I think of myself and my fleeting whimsies.

In organizing the images I see that I was experimenting with visuals in both the digital realm as well as the analog realm. I’m still using film although at a much lower rate than before. As I learn to use the images from the digital camera the film cameras tend to stay in the bag more and more. This to will probably change over time and I’ll find myself going back to film and experimenting with that medium again.

During the course of this rare organizational period, I saw an article that talked about journals and a project sending them out to be returned like the old message in a bottle days. It was encouraging and provided me with an idea that what I am doing on the net with this blog could be constituted as something similar. In a way, I’m throwing out a message to see if it comes back. And so I figured I would continue to put up images that I’ve shot. After all, I’m not shooting for anyone but myself in the end anyway.

Here are a couple of images to view. Enjoy them if you like and comment on them if you find this message. Throw it back and see where it might take you.

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