Thursday, October 06, 2005

Seattle Clouds

I’ve not had much time to post lately, or for that matter, work on images much at all. These are from a recent business trip up to Seattle.

I finally was on a plane that was less than half full. If you travel much you’ll realize how unusual that is these days. It’s normally packed and the feeling of a being a piece of meet quickly comes to mind.

Anyway, storms had rolled through Southern California the night before, real, honest to goodness thunder and lightning storms. Being a mid-west transplant, I’ve never gotten used to the fact that you just don’t see lightning or hear thunder here very often. It’s what makes a storm a storm. It also produces clouds like these shown here.

Coming out of Orange County and flying out over the ocean, there were big billowy clouds as far as you could see. They rose up from the ocean and towered high in the sky. It was absolutely beautiful and I realized how much I missed cloud formations associated with storm activity.

I didn’t have my camera out of the bag on take-off as I should have. I missed a really great opportunity to catch the sun breaking through some beautiful cloud formations. But as soon as I could move over to the window seat and could get the camera out, I started looking at the clouds and taking photos. You see a couple of my favorites here.

I wasn’t sure if anything would actually work image wise. Obviously windows are small and prevent you from getting good optical quality but it’s digital; what do you have to lose? Turns out the light was wonderful and the 24mm lens worked out well in this instance.

I converted them to B&W because I liked them better. I also was trying out some new post processing techniques I’ve been experimenting with. The images are what I saw. I haven’t added any clouds or taken anything away.