Friday, October 28, 2005

Taxi III

Taxi III

I’m not sure why I like taxis but I do, especially in New York.

My first taxi ride actually occurred in Naples, Italy. At the time, I was aboard the USS Semmes, a guided missile destroyer out of Charleston, SC. I was on my first deployment overseas and this was the first port of call. It was also the first foreign country I was to visit at the age of 24.

One of the first things you do once you hit a new port is to get away from the ship as fast as humanely possible. A couple of other guys and I wanted to get some food and grabbed a taxi by the wharf. It turns out that this was a designed initiation of sorts.

Everyone should experience this at some pint in his or her lives. A ride in a Naples taxi is fraught with surprise and some danger. Road signs seem to be nothing more than a suggestion and not necessarily meant for that particular taxi driver. Ours was no different and by the end of the ride, we had ridden on a sidewalk, hit a bicyclist and learned several Italian curse words not suitable for discussion here.

So it brings me to this photo. Last year, with a film camera, I tried this and nothing remotely came close to what I had envisioned. But with digital I could see what I was getting and I knew I would end up with something I liked.

If you’ve read the previous post you know that I want to make images that resonate with me. If they do, then other people will ultimately find them compelling in some form or another. These images might be a cliché to some, and repetitive to others. But they are mine and I enjoy them. At the end of the day I really need to enjoy an image.

Chris Rainier, a photographer I really like, says that he enjoys the idea of a personal gallery space. It gives you time to see if you can live with the image and how it will look after some time spent with it. This blog, and the wall of my office, act as that gallery space for me.