Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Here we are; 2006 rolls in, another year passes and we see opportunity that might not have existed last week. As someone told me this morning, “It’s always exciting to usher in a new year.”

My new year begins with a photo session with Jordan down at the beach. It’s all that more of a cherished moment to me today as I watched a young boy leave his father as he is headed back to his mother located in another state.

As I waited to board the flight to DC, I watched what appeared to be a father and son traveling together to Denver. They went through the security line just ahead of me and I didn’t particularly pay attention to them. At the gate they were there again and I did take notice this time. The young boy looked sullen and sad. The father had the same look but tried to keep the boy entertained.

I thought they would board with me but the flight attendant escorted the child to the plane because he would be traveling alone. As he started down the jetway the boy looked liked he was losing his best friend. There was a tearful hug, a brief glance back and then he was gone. It was heartbreaking and made me instantly realize the importance Jordan has had in my life.

These images are from a little jaunt we took to the beach over the weekend. A shared interest in photography led to a father and daughter day down at the beach to see what we could see and create. She’s trying out her new camera. I’m just happy to be out and about with her. We both love the ocean and we both love waves. I love photography and she is just getting a feel for it. But most of all I just enjoy being out with her, watching her grow and learn and being a small part of it.

I wanted to experiment with motion, an ongoing theme for me, and knew I would convert these images to B&W. There is definitely more ideas to explore here and I’ll continue to do so. It’s my goal to build up my image base in 2006. To do that I’ll need to to learn to see more of what is actually in my backyard so to speak. So here are the first images of 2006 created with my daughter and in my backyard.

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