Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Three Chairs

This is an image I took while waiting for the tram in Palm Springs. We took this trip a few days after Christmas this year to see what was up on top of Mount San Jauncinto.

The desert has it’s own intrinsic beauty that really requires time spent there to appreciate. living in Southern California certainly gives one the chance to explore the region. Unfortunately I haven't done enough of it.

I did more work than usual in PS for this photo but it does reflect what I intended and actually saw in my minds eye as I made the image. There is a little work saturating the chairs but this isn’t colorized. The walls are just grey and it looks like the image has been colorized. I blew out the highlights on purpose and it’s full frame.

1 comment:

Myrtle Beach said...

The curvature of those cheap chairs plays wonder with the light.