Thursday, February 02, 2006

Silent Fields

Across the country lie fields that are silent a vast majority of the time. Almost every night I pass a sports complex of soccer and softball fields that have the lights on but no kids playing. I keep thinking, as I pass these fields, that there is a great image there if I would only go shoot it. The other night I did.

I went over to the area to see what I could see. As is often the case, what you have envisioned is not what you can actually shoot. That was the case the other night. Unable to cross a 6 foot fence protecting the area around the tollway, I could not reach the height I needed to make the shot. So I walked around on the field level to see what I could come up with.

These are two of my favorites. You’ll see the particulars as you click on the image. I so often have an image that I really want to create but circumstances prevent it. Photographers like Steve McCurry talk about shooting through a situation. That’s what I did here. It worked out even though I didn’t get what I had originally sought.