Monday, March 13, 2006

Dana Point

In my minds eye I see a lot of images. Unfortunately, I have difficult time getting these images captured.

The storms in Southern California brought a lot of clouds in to the region. I thought it would also bring in bigger swells. As I was driving down to the coast, I saw these images as the sun was going down. The light, contrasting against the dark sky and the green house, was really magical.

Normally I would keep going to my original destination, focused on an image I wanted to make rather than seeing what I could make. After listening to several podcasts by Brooks Jensen, Editor of Lenswork , I stopped and decided to see what was right in front of me. The light was such that I wouldn’t get a second chance. I also wouldn’t get the clouds behind the house either.

So, I stopped and explored the house with the limited time I had available to me with the right light. There really isn’t much post work done on these other than the usual levels and curves adjustments I make to my images. The sky really was that blue and the house really that green. The light helped a lot too!

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