Friday, March 10, 2006


I love water! I love the ocean and I especially love rivers. My home in Kentucky is located right on one of the widest spots on the Ohio River. I joined the Navy to see the world but secretly I think I joined just to spend time on the seas and experience their power.

It’s not any different now that I’m older. I continually try and make images of the water that I really like. It’s a frustrating experience but I keep trying.

Last night while playing around with some older images, trying out some recently discovered selection and layer techniques, I ran across a few images. These are from a trip to Seattle late last year. Inspired by Clay Enos I made a diptych of the water. It’s not my usual style but I like it.


the fourth dimension said...

love the black and white tones...nice photos, and yes, you are right about water. it is just amazing!

the fourth dimension said...

I hate these spammers! Why don't you add on word verification Hayden?