Friday, April 28, 2006

2004 Kentucky Trip

I've been going through images as I try and learn Aperture and the new workflow associated with the program. In doing so, I've selected some previous images and started working on the process by which I could use the program. I've recently started looking at the images taken in 2004 when we went home to Kentucky. I want to put a book together as well as test out the website features of the program. Since it is now version 1.1 and works much better, I'm feeling more confident with the approach.

At the same time, I'm looking at more and more blogs that are relevant to both photography as well as to the job search that I am now conducting. I'm learning more about technology on the web and it's benefits to the photographic community as well as the business community. I plan on starting another blog in the near future about some of the things I am learning.

Here is a piece of technology that is pretty cool and free. I saw it on Guy Kawasaki's blog and there is now a new version that allows mac users to use the blog feature. Check it out if you get a chance.

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