Wednesday, April 12, 2006

VII Panel Discussion

Photography, at least for me, is the one consistent passion I have in life. I’m not sure I would change things if I could because as it turned out, my life is pretty good. But photography, and specifically photojournalism, are a life long passions that I continue to enjoy.

Because of that I certainly did not want to miss the chance to go the the VII Seminar held at the Art Center in Pasadena, CA this past weekend. It was a 2 day seminar featuring the photographers at the agency.

The next several posts will be about that seminar, the photographers (at least my impressions) and their images. All in all it was a very enjoyable way to spend the weekend. It did cause me to come away with a thought of “what if...” about following that dream and actually sticking with it as a young man. But as I said, in truth, I’m not sure I would change. My experience does have a valuable lesson that I try to teach to young people. Follow your dream. Learn all you can while you are young and find a way to become the best at what you do. Do this all while you are young and are used to having no money. Once that changes it’s very likely money will be the driving force for whatever you do.

This probably isn’t going to be in any particular order. I made the mistake of not taking photos with the first presenters of the day on Saturday. Boneheaded I know. As a result, I really have no images of (l to r) John Stanmeyer, Joachim Ladefoged or Ron Haviv. This image is from their discussion on the panel the first morning where they accepted questions from the audience. The other gentleman is Jim Seida, Multimedia Producer from MSNBC.

What struck me most was the attitudes of the photographers. While I have no doubt that they all have an ego; who wouldn’t considering what they do, without exception they all came off as humble, gracious, giving and grateful. I was thanked for being there on several occasions by the photographers and staff themselves.

Over the next several days I’ll give my impressions but the job hunt takes precedence and it’s also spring break.

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