Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blues Issue

As I’ve said before, the web is full of information and there are times when it’s wonderful. Answers to questions you’ve been pondering, but can’t seem to find an answer for, mysteriously appear in the form of a website that provides information simply because someone wants to share knowledge. When someone does that, the web can be a wonderfully useful place.

I ran across of gem of site today and in all honesty I can’t remember how I got directed to it. I found an answer to an issue with images, especially sky images, that I have been having a serious issue with. The site is run by Ron Bigelow and he provides, what appears to be, wonderful articles on Photoshop and it’s use for photography. I say appears to be because I haven’t read every article but the article on posterization really provided an insight on a solution to my particular issue. Perusing through the articles, there is certainly a level of in depth detail that many would find useful. Check it out for yourself. And if you live in Southern California check out the “Outings” section as well. He provides great information on area trails and areas of interest in the southern and central region of California.

This is an image in question. I love the sky and the colors I see here in Southern California. But with the Canon 1DMkII, blues seem to have a particular problem with posterization despite what I do. You can't really see the issue in this web image but it's certainly a problem when I try to print. I’ll be trying some of his techniques to prevent the problem in future shooting sessions.

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