Friday, June 02, 2006

Cool Site

I’ve recently been in a funk and photography has taken a backseat. Looking for a J-O-B is very tiring and a ton of work. I find that I’m working harder at finding a job then I felt I should have. Anyway, as a result I’ve not gotten much done in the way of photography lately. So there are no images from me today.

But I have had the chance to scope out some interesting sites and in the spirt of this site I want to pass along some of that information. The next few posts will be dedicated to sites I find interesting and that provide some really good content. For the most part they are knowledge based sites and sites that are obviously cared for by the owners. Like me, they are advanced amateurs. They are doing some cool work with the design of their sites and the images they put on them. I’ll link them permanently on the blog roll.

This post is about a site I saw today. It was referenced in a post by a self proclaimed geek and why he bought a Canon 30D. I looked around the site and found a lot of interesting images there but what struck me most was the images he has created from the window seats. Really top notch images and interesting to boot. On top of that, he has interesting content. Give it a look. It’s run by Richard and you can find it here.

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