Sunday, June 25, 2006

I went over 500 visitors to this blog today. To all the visitors from around the world I want to thank you for stopping by and having a look at my images. It took over a year to get over 500 hits but I really appreciate everyone that has stopped by. I have visitors from countries that I’ve never been fortunate to visit but somehow have been able to connect with, even if it is only through their viewing of my images and the reading of my words.

I’m working on a website and hope to have it completed, at least the first version, in the coming week. If you would like to comment please do so when I post the link. I’d welcome constructive comments on improving the site although it might take some time to get it implemented. The new site is largely designed using iWeb and I’m customizing it as much as it will allow. Right now it’s about all I can afford to do and it will have to suffice for the time being.

This image is part of my Alcatraz portfolio and will be featured on the website. It was taken with the Canon ID MkII but I also shot a lot of film and used the previously talked about dr5 process on the chromes. It was actually my first foray into using both cameras to document a trip. Actually it went quite well and I am still using both cameras. But the film doesn’t get developed as rapidly. I think I have several rolls of film, maybe more, that need to get developed. Cost is one issue and as I look for work to fund my habit, it’ll continue to be a factor. It’s been years since I had to worry about the cost of film, or photography for that matter, but I do now and digital is ruling the day when I do get a chance to shoot.

I’m getting time to really organize my images, develop a reliable and standard backup system for the images, and maintain a process by which I categorize the images and put them into some sort of workable order. It’s allowing me to see my vision progress - in most instances my lack of vision - and where I tend to go with my images and how I see the world.

I’m still striving, after more than 30 years of photography, on and off, to develop the vision, the style, the sense of place… and the ability to develop those things.

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