Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Martin Fuchs

One of my favorite photoblogs, and a Photobloggie runner up for the Photojournalism category in 2006, has recently been awarded an ad campaign by Canon. You might wonder why this is especially notable considering there are many photographers that have this distinction. That may well be, but Martin Fuchs was a graphics designer just a few short years ago. His passion is photography and he did what many would be simply too afraid to do. He went out and found a way to live his passion!

As a result, he spent 6 months in New York serving an internship with Magnum Photos. He was able to get support and sponsorship from Canon which allowed him to use a Canon 20D while in New York. He recently returned to Vienna after another 3 month stay in New York where he held a paid position by Magnum Photos. He is now sponsored by Lexar, Digital Railroad and Color Vision. He exemplifies a wonderful work ethic and an ability to take the first step and see where it leads.

Congratulations Martin on a job well done.

I’ve posted this photo before but it’s still one of my favorites. Tiana is passing out bumper stickers in Times Square just before the 2004 election. The bumper sticker reads “Lick Bush & Dick in 2004” and we personally thought it was hysterical. It was taken with a Mamiya 7 on HP5 film pushed to 1600 and developed in the dr5 process. If you still shoot film and want black and white images that are stunning you simply owe it to yourself to try the process. A side benefit is that the chromes are easy to scan unlike B&W film in some cases.

Follow the passion, never stop learning all that you can and keep working, exploring, dreaming…

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