Friday, June 09, 2006


It’s always interesting to hear a photographer talk about their work, at least it is for me. Jeff Curto’s podcast Camera Position, in both quality and content, shines and ranks up there with Brooks Jensen and Lenswork. If you have iTunes, or go to the website, you can see the images he is talking about. As a Professor of Photography at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL he provides valuable insight into what he was thinking as he made the images. He has been documenting the landscape and urban areas of Italy for the last 15 years, and as a listener you get a chance to see what has gone into the process. It’s not technical. It’s a view into the process of creative photography and the way one photographer approaches his image making.

You’ll also see a link in the sidebar to another podcast I find of interest. Ibarionex R. Perello has put together a podcast called The Candid Frame, consisting of interviews he has conducted with photographers he finds of interest. I’ve only gotten a chance to listen to the first two episodes but I will find time for the others and would recommend the podcast despite it’s rough edges. Ibarionex apologizes for the learning curve of podcasting in the first episode and I expect it will get better. The first interview with John Isaac was of great interest to me personally. If the quality of this first interview indicates the quality of the others we have nothing to worry about.

Both of these podcasts offer something different and are very informative. Check them out along with Lenswork which I’ve talked about before. They aren’t technically oriented but I’ve benefited more from listening to the photographers and hearing about how they approach their work, what’s important to them and why it is they do what they do. Technology, and enterprising people such as Jeff, Ibarionex and Brooks, allow us to be inspired and learn much easier today. It’s a mini class in photography and the knowledge gained could be indispensable to your own work.

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