Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Session with Eddie

Since I’ve been out of work I’ve found myself telling people I’ll do some portraits or candids for them. I’ve taken some photos of the neighborhood kids but won’t post those because of sensitivities I’m not willing to broach on a blog.

But I will post this one from a shoot yesterday with a friend of mine. He’s an accountant by trade but has been given some opportunity to work in the modeling industry. It’s fun for him and will probably allow him to do some things he would otherwise not get to do. When he gets famous I’ll be able to say I helped propel him to stardom with the first headshots of his career.

This is Eddie. The image is lit with natural light from an overhang in my garage that faces north. Just below him is a white reflector about 3 feet from his face. It provides a nice even light that a headshot needs to actually fill the requirement. I’ve never done a headshot before so I had to do some research on what agencies really want to see. I think it works and I’ll be anxious to see what his agency says.

It was a good day with Eddie and Jen filled with good conversation, good rum, good wine, and some image making thrown in for good measure.

For more images go here.

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