Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eddie Ginez

My friend Eddie stopped by this weekend and since he needed a few more headshots we took some time Sunday morning to get them done. These are some of my favorites although I don’t know if they are his since he hasn’t seen them yet.

It’s near impossible to take a bad photo of Eddie and he is finding more interest in the modeling industry for his look. It also gave me a chance to experiment with some basic lighting and keep the look more natural, for lack of a better term.

I actually thought about breaking out the lights but didn’t because of the the hassle. While digital makes things more timely, it doesn’t necessarily keep things easy and lighting in a small space is challenging and a royal PIA. That said, I should have brought out the lights and then the Littman. Laziness, in all honesty, got the better of me. But we did talk about a future shoot that would be much more thought out and involved. We’ll see what happens there and I promise to bring out the Littman for that set of images.

Speaking of the Littman; I was recently asked to comment on a forum about the camera and my experiences with it. By the time I had gotten to the site to post a comment, the topic had generated enough vitriol that I chose not to participate.

I used to spend a ton of time on the forums in the early days of my transition to digital. At first, I was looking for tips on how to scan and print the film I was shooting. Later, I was looking into the forums for ideas on the cameras that I wanted to possibly purchase. Today, the photo “nuts,” and I use that term instead of something more inflammatory, have taken over the forums with opinions that seem to have no room for any other form of thought. Such was the case with the topic about the Littman camera.

It certainly is an expensive camera and there are definitely other options available to folks who wish to get into hand held large format. But the disparaging remarks made about the camera, from people who have never seen one, much less used one, gave me pause on why I even look at the forums today. While there is useful information provided on forums on occasion, I find that sifting through the chafe has become increasingly more and more difficult.

Why the rant? I honestly don’t know. I guess because I can and like the forums, this blog allows me to air out my views and see where they go. Everyone has an opinion, and like a certain part of our anatomy, they all stink. Get off the forums and go out and shoot something. Have a conversation with a real person (I’ll write more about that later) and if you have to offer an opinion on a forum please realize that there is more than one way to do something and it’s unlikely that your way is original or the only way to accomplish the task.


Anonymous said...

I used to be Eddie's teacher. I am so happy that he is having a good time at this time in his life with modeling. I always knew he would grow up handsome.

Anonymous said...

Eddie is very handsome, how do I get his number?

Linda Bash said...

Very handsome, but he got his looks from his cousin "Linda" love him dearly OUTSTANDING WORK! Very proud!

rmstudio said...

I couldnt agree the more with you on the forum note. I myself been shooting full time for a living for 17years. I have had many argue or even get violent on their opinion on photographic equiptment or lighting they have never held or even have attempted to do in there weekend warrior garage studio session on a three day weekend. I have found 90% of those in the forums are the "Blind Leading the Blind" or People with enough time because they do not shoot full time with the time to post 5hrs of there day online.Then to have there silly idea of what they "Heard" somewhere to be within a week be a hip trendy word being used as a form of photography ie: Strobist being referred to as "Flash or Strobe" photography all together! or as if it was the only way to light.. The rule of Forums?? Idiot mob majority rules them.. Why most idiots have the time the rest are out working....

cory Lum said...

i've owned a littman. i loved it while i had it !

it worked amazingly !

i remember i traded one of my linhof technika's for it ! well worth it for this unique 4x5 rangefinder !

aloha !

oayecila said...

I miss eddie :)