Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“Wherever you go … go with all your heart.”

My daughter Jordan provides us with quotes she gathers from a variety of sources. Posted up on the refrigerator, I see them daily as I gather items I need – or in some cases definitely don’t need – from the cold box. As I was getting water for coffee at o’dark thirty this morning, this particular quote jumped right out at me. I mean that literally. It really jumped off the ‘fridge as I opened the door. It’s appropriate for a number of reasons.

It certainly applies to my photography, and the truth is, I struggle with that aspect and my image making on a regular basis. But beyond that, it applies to the changes that are taking place in the household.

Jordan turned 16 over the weekend and she obtained her drivers license this morning. Looking through a group of images over the weekend I saw this image and I realized that the changes in the home would soon be profound and that little jaunts, like this one to the beach, would soon be a thing of the past.

Freedom. Independence. Responsibility. All the things that come with turning 16 and obtaining a license. She’ll no longer need her mother or me to provide transportation to an activity that she would like to participate in. Chains to the “parental units” will no longer exist and the ability to interact with her friends will drastically and immediately increase. The world opens up whether she realizes it or not.

On the one hand it’s satisfying to have brought her up in a way where she is responsible enough to control a 2000 pound vehicle traveling at 65 miles per hour. On the other hand, it’s discomforting to watch her grow as a person knowing she will soon leave us behind and make a life of her own.

All this to do over a kid getting a license. There must have been several thousand that did it today in our county alone. But they weren’t my daughter and their license didn’t change my world. Hers did just like she did the day she came into my life.

By the way, I don't know who to attribute the quote too. For that I apologize.


Jordan's mom / Making Photos wife said...

As Jordan's mom, and your wife, you have no idea how much this got to me. I love reading your blog. I love reading your blog-thoughts and your stories. (I get a whole other insight to you here). This one, in particular, affected me. Watching Jordan drive off this afternoon, by herself, was so bittersweet. In her words (when she returned safely), "amazing" and "....finally, grown up". A whole new chapter of our life is starting. I look forward to it both with the sweet prospect of us discovering "just" us, and with the saddness of this most important/special/incredible person moving forward to discover her own future. Gosh I need a hug right now!
Thank you again for this amazing entry. I love you more than words can say.

Anonymous said...

the quote is confuscious :) im about to get it as a tattoo

Ian Bramham said...

My own daughter recently passed her driving test here in the UK and your article really brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for the perceptive and thoughtful blog.