Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pasadena Art

No time to post lately and even less time to shoot. I did however; get to shoot three rolls of HP5 while I was in Seattle last week. I didn’t take the digital SLR and opted for the Mamiya 7. Now here is the rub of shooting film. The rolls are still sitting on the cabinet waiting to get processed. I shot them specifically to go to Colorado and the dr5 lab. When there are things that are a pain, paperwork, getting the film to FedEx, etc. I tend to procrastinate and never get around to getting them done. I’d much rather shoot film but if I do I may never have any images to show for the work I do. We’ll see.

In news on the digital front I upgraded to Aperture 1.5 this weekend and spent some time getting my database of images upgraded as well. Apple has added 20 new features and for my work it’ll be the program I use to catalog, edit and publish my images going forward. The new feature I like most right now is the ability to span your collection over multiple drives and media. It’ll replace Portfolio 8 for me which I never became disciplined enough to use. For the more expansive user this may not be the case. The RAW ability is much improved as well and I really like what I’m getting in color and tonal rendition now. I can still get an image to PSCS2 when needed and have it located easily.

For those images where I may need a different color palette, or need a different development style, DPP will still be the program of choice. Canon has upgraded that program as well and while I’m probably in the minority here, I really like how it handles the files.

But this does bring up the issue that I think is probably at the forefront of many photographers and that is storage. My collection is so scattered and disorganized I may never find some images. Backing up the images is another issue. When is it enough and how to you keep them all protected? The next step will to rethink my storage set up which currently consists of 7 external hard drives. I’m currently researching alternatives and how to sit it up in my confined office space.

This image is from the VII Seminar I attended in Pasadena last April. This is one of the images I knew I had but couldn’t find until this weekend when I decided to test out some of the new features in Aperture. During a break I wandered around the facility at the Center for Art in Pasadena where the event was held. There were a lot of easels out in the hall and the light from the window looked amazing. This is processed in Aperture with saturation bumped up a bit. I’m also using the new plug-in that allows me to post to flickr straight from Aperture.