Monday, December 11, 2006

Austin Images

I’m in the UK at present and it’s been a hectic week to say the least. I thought I would get a bit of time to shoot and brought the Yashica Mat 124 with me on the trip. Alas, I didn’t even think about the time of year and how dark it would be here. The United Kingdom is much further north than sunny So Cal and as a result darkness reigns.

Getting up early, my original plan, really didn’t work out because it was as dark then as it was at night returning from the office. So there’ll be no film from this trip unless I find something interesting at Heathrow on my return tomorrow.

On a film note, I should have the chromes back from dr5 by the time I return home. They had a problem with their medium format scanner so I’m not sure how I’ll get these posted. The ability to get my stuff scanned will most likely be accomplished, for the short term anyway, by outsourcing the work. It’s not the most desirable but it’ll have to do for the time being.

These images are from the trip last week. I really didn’t get much and I even hesitate to post these but here is at least one image.

The first image is a light fixture in the Alamo Draft House. It cast a really cool shadow and I couldn’t resist. I should have spent more time trying this out but was pressed for time that particular day. I converted it to B&W in Aperture and tweaked it a bit for tonality in Photoshop. Using levels layers and different types of layers i.e. Overlay, I was able to increase the contrast and get some tonality that I liked. It’s probably not very noticeable on the screen but I think this will make a nice print. We’ll see.

The other two images are of Ashley, the model we worked with. I did the same thing with these images while on the plane coming back from Austin so they aren’t perfect. But I doubt I’ll do much with these images going forward. Who knows?

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