Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Barbara Film

I’m back from the UK - actually have been for over a week - but still entrenched in a new job and “drinking from the fire hose” so to speak. It’s eating into the photography time and what I had grown accustomed too during my break from employment.

One of the drawbacks of film is the development time needed. Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of labs for the moment. The house is just too small for developing images. I had also committed to using the dr5 process for the images I’ve shot on film the last couple of months. Going forward with the Leica I’m not sure what I’ll do. There is a fine art center in Irvine that has a darkroom and the prices are reasonable. I believe they have a film dryer as well so I can prevent the dust from settling on the film. But after looking at these images in transparency it makes me want to keep shooting everything like that. When you get the exposure correct they are simply a thing of beauty.

These were taken on a Canon AT-1 that I borrowed from Jordan. The film is HP5 rated at ISO 1600 and processed in neutral dr5. On 120mm film there is a lot less grain than on the 35mm but the grain conveys what I wanted to express in the images in the first place. This grain could also be due to the scanning process from the dr5 folks. I really should look at the chromes more closely.

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