Thursday, March 15, 2007

Outside the Aircraft Window

Returning from Cambridge, UK and my #%* hurts to living hell. I digress.

Crossing over Idaho and the mountains I shot several images. These aren't them because I don’t have those developed yet. I had a few rolls of Kodak 400BW and these particular images were made as we were making our approach into LAX.

I shot several images over Idaho and over California as we came into LA. I don’t know why I try this so often because most of the images look like crap. Haze makes everything low contrast on the film, the airplane window is two panes thick, scratched up and makes for a terrible filter. But there is something about going over mountains, particularly snow capped mountains, that gets to me.

It’s mostly a reminder of my trip out to Alaska in the summer of 1979. To this day I vividly remember wanting to to be walking on those ridges, climbing the peaks, descending the steep ravines. Every time I fly over the mountains and have a window seat I have that same thought. And if I have a camera I make a few images. It’s just like a million other images out there and we probably don’t need more but they are a reminder for me and I like these images.

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