Saturday, May 12, 2007

Colonel George

The first day of the workshop we had a chance to introduce ourselves and talk a bit about our goals in photography. We also had the chance to hear a bit about Colin’s background, approach, philosophy while seeing some of his images. The morning discussion was very interesting and well worth the short time we spent. I honestly wish I could wax eloquent about the experience but the images and stories surrounding them simply speak for themselves. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to meet Colin, hear his story and see his images.

Marianne, event coordinator of the festival, set up three unique shooting situations for us to experience. On the first day we hit a senior citizen center and had a chance to interact and make images of some of the residents. I had the opportunity to meet one retired gentleman and had a chance to hear his story.

His name was George and he was a retired Air Force officer that had served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He also served as test pilot and “flew everything that had a prop on it.” He joined, what was then the Army Air Corp, in 1939 and trained in Texas. Hew flew in the Pacific Theater during the war and then flew the missions in Berlin after the war. He was quite a gentleman and it was an honor to spend some time with him.

He was also a Mason and a Shriner. I took this image as he explained to me the pride he felt in reaching the highest rank one can reach within that organization. I really wanted to show something of the man that had, at least as it appeared to me, a life to be proud of.

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