Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coming Across Old Stuff

I’m going through some old images getting ready for the Palm Springs Photo Festival and came upon this portrait. It was taken several years ago in New York as part of a shoot put together by some people form

I was in New York for the annual Photo Expo show and spent a day in a rented studio shooting in wonderful natural light. Having space to move around and great northern light was such a joy that I wanted to find studio space when I got back to Kentucky. I did find a great space in downtown Louisville with 40 feet of 18 foot high windows. I’ve since left that space and moved out to California. I don’t get to shoot portraits very often anymore and should just find the time to do more. I enjoy working with people and I need to make the time.

This was shot on a Mamiya RZ 67, handheld on SFX 200 which, is sadly, no longer available. The lens was the 110mm f 2.8. I loved that camera but sold it because it was getting no use. It helped fund the Leica I’ve been using more and more this year.

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