Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It’s been a hectic few weeks and work is killing me at the moment. I thought I would have more time over the trip to Cambridge for some writing but coach class grows smaller by the trip and working is difficult.

I did get some images back from the lab and I’m actually pretty happy with some of them. Unfortunately getting them scanned is a little more difficult so I still have nothing to show. I really must come up with a solution.

The last day of the workshop proved to be the most fun. We went to a Copy Katz Showroom and Bar in Palm Springs. We were able to get some time with JJ as he got into character. The space was small, and jockeying for position with 9 other photographers was tough, but I got some images I liked and will get them posted at some point.

The next few images are from an impromptu portrait session with the other people in the workshop. This was one of the rare workshops without a bunch of know-it-alls wanting to prove how much they knew and how much smarter they were than anyone else. Everyone was very nice and very helpful.

This first image is JJ after the transformation. I used Fuji NPZ 800 for the first time. The red wall was too amazing to pass up and I didn’t have the digital camera. For the color I wish I had it for this spot in the club if nothing else.

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