Sunday, June 24, 2007


I may have posted these images before; probably did. But in getting this backlog of images scanned I actually got to work with the images instead of using a poorly shot transparency on a light box. There isn’t much to say. They were taken late last year - before I sold the Mamiya 7 - the last time I was in Seattle and I just love Seattle. The film was HP5 at 1600 processed in Developer 1 at dr5.

In getting a chance to work with the film images from the last year or so I’ve found how much I really enjoy the process of shooting. Getting the scanning system up and running, albeit cumbersome, I at least get to see some images I haven't been able to really work with. It’s also making me miss the larger negatives of the Mamiya. I guess I’ll have to start shooting the Littman more often.

My recent images have been off on exposure lately and I haven’t been able to figure the cause. Today I did. I use a Sekonic 508 I’ve had for years. Apparently I’ve been too trusting in it’s ability. I found today that it was an entire stop off over exposing on a regular basis. I’ve dialed in the adjustment but will most likely need to send it in for calibration sometime in the near future. I wonder how much that will cost? It’s always something.

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garrison beau scott said...

I really like the top image in this set. Great composition. I keep coming back to it.