Monday, July 30, 2007


I'll admit that images of dogs get to be redundant, irrelevant and too plentiful. If you have ever looked at any photographers image box you'll see there will usually be a plentiful amount of images of the 4 legged “child.”

As I wrote the piece for the post on photographing the ones you love, I noticed that I have a hard drive full of images of our two dogs Soli and Nalu. They are great models. They don't complain (although my daughter begs to differ with that statement) and they pose rather happily. At least I like to think so. They are unconditional models as much as they unconditionally love.

Soli is the stand in when I get a new piece of gear, want to test out a new technique or see light that I think is amazing. She is a “people” dog, preferring humans to other dogs I think because somehow she has become confused on her status in the animal kingdom. If she could talk, I am sure she would say that there has been a horrible mistake. She really isn't an animal but a human trapped in the wrong body. She may even give some credence to reincarnation. (Pop, don't worry too much.)

She's a joy to have around the house and I'm glad she's a willing model. This is her and her “ball” before we finally had to throw it away.


Anonymous said...

The image on the bottom is one of my favorite images of our first pup. She'll be thrilled you dedicated a blog entry to her (vs. Nalu)!

Anonymous said...

Someone one told me once that his photography MFA final project was 10,000 pictures of an egg. I suppose he was supposed to shoot and shoot and shoot and come out on the sublime side of the mundane.

With that in mind, I tell myself that 2,000 pictures of my dog are just the swaths of mundane-ness on the way to the sublime. :)