Friday, August 24, 2007

Cambridge Arrow

Here's another Fee inspired image.

I've finally gotten through some of the backlog of images from the last several months. I still have a few rolls to scan plus develop but should be caught up soon.

This is an image from a trip earlier this year to the UK. Because a flight fare was ridiculously priced I was semi forced to stay over on a Saturday and tried to make the best of it. Earlier images from a “Rocky Horror Picture” showing were the result but there are a few others that didn't get developed at the same time. This is one of them.

The rangefinder just lets me see differently and so far, I like how I am reacting with the camera. This image is a case in point.

I saw this arrow on the road. The contrast of the asphalt against the arrow was striking to me and I composed the frame. I only took one frame but because I could see what I wanted in the viewfinder, and because I was taking my time, I really only needed one frame. When I saw it on the contact sheet I immediately circled it and knew I had gotten what I wanted.

It's HP5 rated at 320.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dark Images

2 minutes while here in Cambridge for a quick update.

About a year ago I came upon a photographer that really resonated with me. The work I saw was dark and foreboding but stuck with me and started me looking for images where I wouldn't have before. Sadly, James Fee passed away this year but left a body of work I've gone back too for inspiration.

There is something about the work I really connected with and found lacking in my own work. Shooting with film in this fashion has produced my fair share of attempts but only a few have worked and this is one of those. It was taken in Kentucky during a full moon as I left my parents house while visiting in July. This is an old water tower in my home town and it's been there forever. It's in a state of disrepair these days having been replaced many years ago but it still means home to me in many ways. It served as a significant landmark for the years when we would return during the summer to visit my grandparents. When we moved back home once Pop retired from the Air Force the water tower was a reflection of the tiny town we moved too.

It still is. The town is a shell of what it once was and if I drive up the hill to see the tower I wonder how it manages to stay upright. Somehow it does and probably will for many years to come. If it's ever torn down home won't be the same and the landscape of the town would be forever altered. I think the town would quickly cease to exist as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting In

Over at SportsShooter there is and article that any photojournalistic photographer should read. It's about getting in and telling the story. It's a compelling read so check it out.

No photographs today because all of the stuff I've recently shot has been family and dogs. And I also just haven't had the time to get everything scanned. This month has been nuts and I expect it will continue to be so as I head to Cambridge next week. I hope to get some backlog of articles written (can I really call this “articles”) while on the trip to, and from, the UK.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Nalu came to us after being dropped of by the side of the road along with 3 litter mates. She might have been 6 weeks old but I think she was younger than that. We think, and I emphasize think, that she is a Vizsla and Lab mix but we aren't sure. Whatever she is, she's a love.

I've spoiled her and am constantly reminded of this by both Diane and Jordan. Nalu reminds me of it to when she crawls up into my lap and sinks in for a little nap. I'm getting older and softer. What can I say.

Along with Soli, she becomes a model when I feel the need to pick up the camera. Photographing a black dog has challenged my exposure skills at times but the move back to film has helped, although this was taken with the digital and 24mm and converted to B&W in PS. I really was trying some different compositions and liked this one the best. It's the last dog image.