Friday, August 24, 2007

Cambridge Arrow

Here's another Fee inspired image.

I've finally gotten through some of the backlog of images from the last several months. I still have a few rolls to scan plus develop but should be caught up soon.

This is an image from a trip earlier this year to the UK. Because a flight fare was ridiculously priced I was semi forced to stay over on a Saturday and tried to make the best of it. Earlier images from a “Rocky Horror Picture” showing were the result but there are a few others that didn't get developed at the same time. This is one of them.

The rangefinder just lets me see differently and so far, I like how I am reacting with the camera. This image is a case in point.

I saw this arrow on the road. The contrast of the asphalt against the arrow was striking to me and I composed the frame. I only took one frame but because I could see what I wanted in the viewfinder, and because I was taking my time, I really only needed one frame. When I saw it on the contact sheet I immediately circled it and knew I had gotten what I wanted.

It's HP5 rated at 320.

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