Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dark Images

2 minutes while here in Cambridge for a quick update.

About a year ago I came upon a photographer that really resonated with me. The work I saw was dark and foreboding but stuck with me and started me looking for images where I wouldn't have before. Sadly, James Fee passed away this year but left a body of work I've gone back too for inspiration.

There is something about the work I really connected with and found lacking in my own work. Shooting with film in this fashion has produced my fair share of attempts but only a few have worked and this is one of those. It was taken in Kentucky during a full moon as I left my parents house while visiting in July. This is an old water tower in my home town and it's been there forever. It's in a state of disrepair these days having been replaced many years ago but it still means home to me in many ways. It served as a significant landmark for the years when we would return during the summer to visit my grandparents. When we moved back home once Pop retired from the Air Force the water tower was a reflection of the tiny town we moved too.

It still is. The town is a shell of what it once was and if I drive up the hill to see the tower I wonder how it manages to stay upright. Somehow it does and probably will for many years to come. If it's ever torn down home won't be the same and the landscape of the town would be forever altered. I think the town would quickly cease to exist as well.

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