Thursday, August 02, 2007


Nalu came to us after being dropped of by the side of the road along with 3 litter mates. She might have been 6 weeks old but I think she was younger than that. We think, and I emphasize think, that she is a Vizsla and Lab mix but we aren't sure. Whatever she is, she's a love.

I've spoiled her and am constantly reminded of this by both Diane and Jordan. Nalu reminds me of it to when she crawls up into my lap and sinks in for a little nap. I'm getting older and softer. What can I say.

Along with Soli, she becomes a model when I feel the need to pick up the camera. Photographing a black dog has challenged my exposure skills at times but the move back to film has helped, although this was taken with the digital and 24mm and converted to B&W in PS. I really was trying some different compositions and liked this one the best. It's the last dog image.

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Rocket said...

Would love to see more pics of your Vizsla/Lab mix. We have a pure vizsla. They are "velcro dogs" they stick to you like glue but THE MOST affectionate 4-legged kid you could have. Come visit our little boy at