Monday, October 29, 2007


The family portrait project didn't go as planned for a number of reasons. On the day this image was made, Kentucky was in a prolonged hot spell that made me wonder why, once again, I choose July as the month to visit. The air was thick with moisture and there was no way to cool off. The only people that wanted to be outside were the kids but with most large gatherings the house is almost always too confining. So we headed out.

Kids don't seem to mind that the air causes their hair to stick to their heads. Adults, on the other hand, are very adamant about not allowing an image to be made once they deem themselves a disheveled wreck. I had been following the kids around with a Polaroid camera for awhile - no Type 55 could be processed in the heat - and by the point I got the Yashica out I think they were tired of the crazy guy with the camera. With these kids that's an accomplishment. But they allowed me some last images and this is one of them.

This is Jackson and he's the oldest of the four children from my nephew Zack and his wife Christy. He's a bit of a ham and loves the camera. This is one of the rare images I have of him where he is showing a more serious side. Or maybe it's a, “Can we please get this over with” side.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is Lilly, my great niece in Kentucky. When my family and I took a road trip back to Kentucky this year I wanted to document it and do a family portrait project. The project really didn't come together for me as well as I would have liked. But I did get some good images of my nephew's 4 children. This is one of several of Lily that I really like. When she grows older I'm not sure she'll like it but I think it doe capture a little bit of her personality. She's a firecracker and so full of life and energy. She has to be considering she's surrounded by 3 brothers.

It ws taken with the Yashica Mat 124 and Delta 100.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Old Images

I'm trying to redesign my website, and in the process, going through old images and getting them ready. It's painfully obvious I have no photographic direction. I'm all over the place with different cameras, different film... digital, color, black and white... There are toy cameras in the mix, old converted cameras and a hodge podge of stuff once owned and since sold off.

I've been looking at a lot of photography lately looking for inspiration, ideas, a sense of whether my eclectic collection is wrong or OK. I'm still not sure. It seems that most people are advised to stick with one certain type of photography and go from there. Unfortunately I can't concentrate on something that long. I like trying out new ideas and I usually end up chasing some dreamt up notion I've conjured up.

This is an old image taken several years ago during a phase when portraits were what really interested me. They still do and it's driven by the human interaction that, as I grow older, seems more important. But posed stuff seems to be much more difficult for me. I find that as I loosen up, the person in front of my lens does the same. The problem is getting me to loosen up. It took me a few hours to loosen up in this shoot. Fortunately she was really good and made my job easy.

There is another image of Jordan over at flickr where we laughed and joked around. She's my daughter so that was easy but it worked. Going through old images can be rewarding and painful at the same time. I certainly learned something today. I just need to figure out the lesson.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Garrison Beau Scott

I have a tendency to stay with the same stuff for awhile. My choices of places to view on the web are no exception and I find myself perusing the same old sites every day. I recently ran across a couple of sites that I've enjoyed and posted new links over to the right. Check them out under Film Images if you find yourself so inclined.

One site I came across was a blog by Garrison Beau Scott. It was an entertaining couple of hours last night as the football game was on. The game was OK but reading through the entries kept me entertained. You can see more work here.

On a side note, and I hope I don't jinx myself, the image you see here may be published. I received an email from a magazine I pick up from time to time saying they would like to publish the image. To make sure I won't jinx myself, I'll keep the publication to myself until I know something. I received several emails for the files, submitted the images and since then I haven't heard anything. I'm not certain what that means but I remain hopeful that it will get published.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Polaroid Flags

As usual time passes by and work gets in the way of photography. I've been printing images lately in order to put up some new images up in the house. This is one of them.

It was taken in Santa Monica on the Litton and Polaroid Type 55. So far the images I have printed have been film. I'm not sure why that is but I seem to like those images better. I wonder if it might be because I enjoy the process with the film cameras more? Technically these images aren't any better. In fact, the grain that shows up in the scans from the 35 mm film prevent me from printing really large prints. I think that is a reflection of my scanning skills more than anything else. But I seem to pay more attention with the film and maybe that's why the images are better.

I'm hopeful that I'll have some more images up in the coming weeks. Work seems to be slowing down a bit but it's probably an illusion and wishful thinking.

More later....