Monday, October 29, 2007


The family portrait project didn't go as planned for a number of reasons. On the day this image was made, Kentucky was in a prolonged hot spell that made me wonder why, once again, I choose July as the month to visit. The air was thick with moisture and there was no way to cool off. The only people that wanted to be outside were the kids but with most large gatherings the house is almost always too confining. So we headed out.

Kids don't seem to mind that the air causes their hair to stick to their heads. Adults, on the other hand, are very adamant about not allowing an image to be made once they deem themselves a disheveled wreck. I had been following the kids around with a Polaroid camera for awhile - no Type 55 could be processed in the heat - and by the point I got the Yashica out I think they were tired of the crazy guy with the camera. With these kids that's an accomplishment. But they allowed me some last images and this is one of them.

This is Jackson and he's the oldest of the four children from my nephew Zack and his wife Christy. He's a bit of a ham and loves the camera. This is one of the rare images I have of him where he is showing a more serious side. Or maybe it's a, “Can we please get this over with” side.


garrison beau scott said...

These are fantastic Larry. Great portraits, and I would like to see more. Well done.

Larry D Hayden said...


Thanks for coming by. I do have a few more portraits to get up. Work is in the way. I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting.