Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Old Images

I'm trying to redesign my website, and in the process, going through old images and getting them ready. It's painfully obvious I have no photographic direction. I'm all over the place with different cameras, different film... digital, color, black and white... There are toy cameras in the mix, old converted cameras and a hodge podge of stuff once owned and since sold off.

I've been looking at a lot of photography lately looking for inspiration, ideas, a sense of whether my eclectic collection is wrong or OK. I'm still not sure. It seems that most people are advised to stick with one certain type of photography and go from there. Unfortunately I can't concentrate on something that long. I like trying out new ideas and I usually end up chasing some dreamt up notion I've conjured up.

This is an old image taken several years ago during a phase when portraits were what really interested me. They still do and it's driven by the human interaction that, as I grow older, seems more important. But posed stuff seems to be much more difficult for me. I find that as I loosen up, the person in front of my lens does the same. The problem is getting me to loosen up. It took me a few hours to loosen up in this shoot. Fortunately she was really good and made my job easy.

There is another image of Jordan over at flickr where we laughed and joked around. She's my daughter so that was easy but it worked. Going through old images can be rewarding and painful at the same time. I certainly learned something today. I just need to figure out the lesson.


Ibarionex R. Perello said...


I look forward to seeing what you do with your website. I am going through the same thing going through my existing body of work and trying to come up with something.

I'm headed to Downtown Los Angeles tomorrow morning from some shooting. If you're available, maybe we can hook up there. Otherwise, drop me a line, it would be good to hear from you again.

Larry D Hayden said...

Thanks for stopping by and it was good to hear from you. I sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Gordon said...

an eclectic collection of images is fine, certainly. Nothing wrong with it what so ever, if that is what you want to have.

I think the idea of a style or focused interest in photography helps if you are trying to market or sell your work or services though. If you want to make a splash in a particular genre, I guess you'd have to become 'known' for that style, first, or during.

Mike Johnston of the Online Photographer blog has had a few recent articles on style, technical or otherwise. It seems to be to him an intersection of subject, vision and technical aspects (camera choice, processing etc)

Perhaps what might be more important isn't what you show to people or put in a portfolio or web site, but what you leave out.

Larry D Hayden said...


Great comments and very thought out. I don't disagree at all but I am trying to figure out how it fits for me personally. And this is where it starts getting a bit fuzzy at times. Is photography something I do for fun, joy, personal achievment or is it for something else?

Personally I like the eclectic images... the differences... the challenge but ultimatley I'm beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with all these images. Actually my daughter really started me down this path with an innocent question of wha I would want her to do with my work when I'm gone. I'm not that old but it's a valid question and it seems to me that getting the work seen might actually be important at some point.

Is it viable is another question entirely. Thanks for giving me to think about and stopping by. It does mean a lot.