Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Favorite Image of Lily

I need a TiVO box for my brain. Last night I had a couple trains of thought going that I simply cannot recreate today.

The information, while half awake, seemed to be coming from apparently disjointed fragments collectively joined together to form the thoughts. In other words, it was coming from all sorts of places in my consciousness, or should I say semi-consciouness, coalescing in a coherent thought process culminating in an actual point. It was almost like a conversation addressing something that I know was bothering me.

I can remember some of the conversation. But the jest of the thoughts escape me, and when I try to get them down on paper I find the thoughts just spiral down without structure. And the point I wanted to make no longer seems to matter. Maybe it never did.

On to photography. This is my favorite image of Lily and it will most likely become one of my all time favorite images that I have produced. It just works for me and I can't really tell you why. There are times when I don't even try to figure it out and this image is one of those. I accept it for what it is to me and that's an image that I really like and have printed several times. I'll frame this one large for the house.

On another note, I finally saw a copy of the LFI I had been hoping to see. The image is small; I mean really small and to say I've been published seems to be a stretch. It's a little embarrassing to tell the truth. However, something good did come out of it. The image will be framed and on display at the “Leica Day” Camera West in Mission Viejo hosts on Saturday. This is the first time I've had an image put on public display and that is exciting.


garrison beau scott said...

I dig the pictures of Lily and Adian. And congrats on the inclusion of your work at Leica Day.

Larry D Hayden said...

Thank you Garrison.

Rob said...

These pics are truly great. How great is it to document our familys? My favorite photos are still of my kids.