Friday, November 23, 2007

Yannis Kontos

Over on the European Canon Pro site there is an article about some of the lenses various photojournalists use. One of the photographers is a young Greek photographer. He has a wonderfully designed website but it's the images that I really enjoyed. There are other photographers that are mentioned, some I had heard of and others I hadn't, but the images from Yannis Kontos were a joy to go through. His images, from all over the world, at times intense are also compelling and thoughtful in their approach. Check him out if you have some time.

This is another image from the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Taken digitally I really had a hard time with the highlights. With my Canon I just always seem to have problems and I think it's my technique. I've tried different approaches but these strong backlit scenes seem to give the most trouble. If you have any thoughts, tips or suggestions I'd love the hear them.

I've also been comparing the different RAW converters I have access to these days. I like Aperture but it's slow on my system. Some of the conversions are really spot on and I like the way it organizes my images. Lightroom has some advantages in the processing department but I hate the UI and the organization doesn't seem to meld very well with the way I work. I also like Canon's DPP and will use it from time to time. It has problems with skin tones though turning them an awful red and produces banding in the transitions from light to dark. I added some memory to my system to see if that will help and as a result will most likely stick with Aperture for the quick edit and the organizational capabilities. For those images that need critical work I'll try different ways of converting them until I get what I want. I may even combine images at times in an effort to take advantage of the strengths of the conversions from the various programs.


Anonymous said...

If you're serious about RAW processing... Capture One blows everything else away, by far. Its color and noise handling produce fantastic looking files.


Larry D Hayden said...


Thanks for stopping by. So far I've resisted getting Capture One until they have Capture One 4 out. But you are the second person to tell me to use it.

Were your images on the journal and website processed this way and how much PS do you need? You're images look very good.

Thanks again for the tip and I'll check it out.