Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pop's Shop

A couple of years ago we went back to Kentucky to visit my family. Every time I go I think I will do some grand family documentary project and every time I fail. On this particular trip I headed out to Pop's shop to see what I could see and try to make a record.

This is Pop's toolbox from his 20 year stint in the Air Force. As a kid it was pretty well known that my brother and I should stay out of the tool box. As boys will do, we seemed to find reasons to get into the tool box despite the rules. I saw the toolbox and it immediately brought back a flood of memories. I'm not the most mechanically inclined; that was the realm of my father and brother. But it did bring back memories as a kid of getting the tool box out to set up my first darkroom, build a few sets and it's usefulness for some of my early photographic experiments.

This was shot digitally and converted in Photoshop to B&W. I toned it a bit as well to give me a feel of the nostalgia that I felt as I roamed the shop.

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