Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mundane II

As I sat in the lobby of a customer today that blew me off, I wrote some thoughts on the United States political process. It's Super Tuesday here in the US and that means that we are closer to finding out who the republican candidate will be, and will not be any closer to knowing who the democratic candidate will be. Its a complicated process.

Anyway, considering my mood from the treatment at the hands of this particular customer, I've reread the comments and decided against posting them. This isn't a political blog and my thoughts are pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. So I post another mundane image.

This one was made in Cambridge outside the window of the bookstore I frequent when I go there. The light was nice but the scan was a little muddy. It's illustrative of the merged processes in photography these days. I don't think I could have made a good print of this in the darkroom due to my limited printing skills. I don't know if a master printer would have been able to do so. But the print from the scan on rag paper looks incredibly good. I like the image.

As an aside, I have a general question. How are people framing images that are the 3:2 format ratio? This image, as an example, would be cropped in an 8x10 standard mat. Why do mats come in formats that don't reflect that majority of the images made? I don't like to crop and do my best to frame the image in camera both digitally and on film. I want to see the whole image when I frame it. How do others go about this? Do you use custom mats, and if so, what are the dimensions for a 16x20 frame for instance? Any thoughts are welcome.

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