Friday, February 01, 2008


Over the last several months I've made sure that I've had the camera with me a lot more than usual. If I don't have it I certainly cannot make images. When I see interesting light I try to see if I can make an interesting image to match. The stuff can be pretty mundane at times but I've found that the time that I take to get stuff processed provides a little space. In a recent article in PDN, Steve McCurry talks about the fact that he has images from as long as 15 years ago that he hasn't edited. Garry Winogrand said in an interview in the 1980's that he waited a year to process his film to give himself enough space to have forgotten the making of the image. They are both photographers I admire so maybe it's not so bad that I don't get instant gratification. It'll be interesting to see how I view these images in a few years.

Over time I wonder if any of this stuff will amount to much or build up into a body of work. I was recently encouraged when I read about an older gentleman getting a show at 65 years of age. At this point I think it's about sticking to it and making images. Over time I believe a style will emerge and it'll be based on what interests me and little else. I'm not too old to change but I am too old to change simply for the sake of change. If it isn't important it'll be a waste of energy and that is something I don't want to waste at all.

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