Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Last week saw me in Boise and Seattle traveling to meet customers and kick off plans for the new year. As part of my goals this year I plan to just shoot, not be encumbered with particular ideas on what I'll shoot and to see what I can make out of what I end up with. To do that I made a promise to myself that the camera will go with me on my business trips.

So, I took 3 rolls of Fuji 400X and 3 rolls of Ilford HP5. The goal was to use up all 6 rolls of film with no limitations. I failed miserably. I just couldn't do it. No matter what I did during this trip I just couldn't see images and being in work mode while traveling probably didn't help. I did shoot some stuff and I have a couple of images I like that will eventually make their way here, but I'm not wired to shoot that way and I think it added a new set of pressures on me that affected my ability to see.

What I did find was that when I slowed down I was able to see some things that might prove interesting if I just shoot it all the way through. So I did. I got the film back just before I left for this trip and I went through some of it last night and there were a couple of surprises which generated ideas for projects. I'll see where it goes but I think I'll end up with something by December I'll be proud of. As noted in my last post I just need to follow through and shoot.

This is an image from a trip to Seattle several years ago. I don't own the Mamiya 7 it was made with any longer and boy do I miss that camera and the huge negatives. And like the camera this building no longer exists. It's been transformed into a Starbuck's (I think) or it's been torn down. I couldn't really tell. It's located close the to REI I like to go to and provides a way for me to get to the waterfront. It's a shame it's gone but I now have an image of Seattle that no longer exists. Is that cool or sad? Ask me in 50 years.

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