Friday, April 18, 2008

Airport Chaos

Airports are a chaotic chain of events that can often times leave you in the same place. I was in this airport for 6 hours waiting on a flight that seemed like it would never leave. In those instances I'm glad I have my camera with me. It helps to pass the time and allows me to practice “seeing” which I sorely need to do.

I was sitting in a corner watching the people, observing the tantrums, the nonchalance and the resolved all at once. These carts kept coming to drop people off for planes that were going nowhere. It actually started to get quite comical as the people would jump off the cart, race to the gate agent only to find put their flight had either been canceled or delayed. It didn't take long to predict the reactions. I did finally make it to my destination and went through the same routine the following day. And people say I have no patience.

Taken with Fuji Provia 400X.

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