Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hotel Chairs

Another one from my series on the hotels I visit this year. I'm still not sure how this project will work out and I know it's been done before. But it keeps me occupied and allows me to start thinking in terms of a long-term project. I need to get a feel for the images and take a direction that cohesively ties them together. It's also something I'm fairly certain I'll be able to commit an entire year too.

The issue I'm seeing at the moment is that I'm shooting in color and B&W. It's likely that the cohesiveness I want will be broken by this fact alone. I like to go against conventional wisdom when and where I can and this is an experiment as much as it is a learning experience for me. Between the airport images and the hotel images I'm certain something will emerge. I just don't have the foggiest what it will turn out to be at the moment.

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