Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No More Digital?

For the first time in 5 years I am without a digital camera. I sold all of my Canon gear last week because it was simply sitting there doing nothing. I did have one last day with it at Jordan's track meet, but other than that it has sit idle for quite some time. What I do with the cash remains to be seen and I may go back to digital or may opt for a medium format or large format system and explore that for awhile. I may also get another body to go along with my M7 and see where that leads. Not real sure at the moment.

After selling it I got a wave of offers for software I probably no longer need. But in looking back on this I became less of a photographer and more of a computer/software expert than I really liked. It also cost quite a bit of cash to stay up with all the stuff, or at least my perception of staying current, was expensive. Plug-ins for Aperture are almost as expensive as the program itself. Nik has come out with new technology that is suppose to be all the rage in tonal and color control. Drop $250 here, $199 there and it all starts to add up. I always knew what my gear cost. Over years of accumulation I had gathered up a lot of cameras and now I'm down to three and I doubt it will go much higher. But digital has brought what seems like a never ending cost structure.

I know, I could just say NO. But where's the fun in that? Sitting in front of a computer just isn't as compelling as it once was. And before you tell me I have to do so with film images I know that I do. The difference for me at least is that I work on fewer images and ones that aren't as marginal as my digital work. And before I get irate emails, this is just one man's opinion and experience. Read the header. I'm not saying that film is better. Technically it probably isn't. I certainly can't do some of the things I could do before. But for me this just is simply more fun. And since it should be fun that is the name of the game for me.

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craignlinda said...

so the comment i tried to leave earlier went away as i worked my way through the comment pop i was signed up first...just wanted to say kudos for finding the balance between hobby, economics, fun, the latter being of greatest importance.
I agree that the computer related hobbies are money/time-sucking enterprises. but again, if you can maintain the proper balance, it's all good. unfortunately i've dropped more money on multiple computers, more memory, more hard drives, more storage devices (do people at Iomega sleep at night) not to mention operating systems.
i'll never forget my first computer, custom built because i needed a whole MB of memory and and unheard of 120 MB hard drive...and i was able to do some pretty good sounding audio recordings and editing...but storage was always an issue.
recently moving to a mac hasn't solved any of my earlier problems, it's just the coolest looking machine i've ever owned and it doubles as a dvd player with beautiful high definition images, and thanks to an extensive external audio processing center i can bypass the poor excuse apple calls internal speakers.
managed to ramble when i just wanted to commend you for finding a way to lighten your load as you pursue your passion.