Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Older Stuff Revisited

I'm going through older stuff as I reorganize my files and redistribute my hard drive space. I picked up Capture One 4 today but have been playing with it for a few weeks as I test it out based on several recommendations. I've found that some images respond well to Aperture, almost all of my images respond well to DPP from Canon, some of my stuff looks OK in Lightroom and a lot of it looks good in Capture One. (Looking good is a relative term)

I've been shooting a lot with film and black and white but the color film hasn't treated me very well. It really never did even before I switched to digital. So for color I am shooting digital and preparing for a portrait shoot next week. It'll be both in digital and film, most likely with the Yashica Mat 124. I may try the Littman but it will depend on the patience of my sitter.

Anyway, this is an old image from a few years ago when I mistakingly thought it would be OK to drive to Kentucky and back in less than 9 days in an RV. As luck would have it we hit a snow storm in Colorado that closed I-25 north and south as well as I-70 east. We spent a day waiting for the roads to open and this was a result of hanging put in the snow. As you might have guessed we weren't prepared for over a foot of snow considering it was spring break.

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