Saturday, June 07, 2008

Early Inspiration

The Vietnam War was a pivotal event for me. By 1971 my Pop had served 3 tours in Southeast Asia and I had several friends whose fathers were either POW's, MIA or had been killed in action. My Uncle Tommy spent a tour there and I've always wanted to talk to him about it but have never really had the heart to ask. My wife's brother did a tour over there as well and it had a profound effect on the family.

For me the nightly news was a staple and the images that came back from that war made me want to be a photographer. I studied all of the the images, loved looking at “Life” Magazine and couldn't get enough of the photography books that were available at the library. Larry Burrows was a photographer I remember well and I always looked for his byline. For an 11 year old it was amazing for me to see a person doing something I dreamed of with the same name, especially in print.

In April of this year 4 photographers were laid to rest that were lost in Laos. Burrows was one of the four. You can read the story here. Click on the heading of this link to see a video of the images.